Money Smart 2.0

Welcome to Money Smart 2.0, The National Theatre for Children’s exciting, interactive exploration of the concepts of money. This cross-curricular program is designed to promote financial understanding in students ages five through 18. Your bank or financial organization can use Money Smart 2.0 to help students in your community build the foundation to become financially responsible adults. In the process, you can earn CRA credit, supercharge your brand reputation and form lasting connections to your current and future customers.

In Money Smart 2.0 you will find:

  • Lessons with hands-on, cross-curricular activities that engage kindergarten through second-grade students in discussing and exploring key financial concepts
  • Teacher Presentation Slides which provide helpful visuals as well as fill-in charts to support the activities in each lesson
  • Student Handouts that let students explore the topics covered in each lesson and apply their new knowledge
  • Parent Guides with information about topics and terms being covered in class, conversation starters, online and literary resources, along with activities to try at home and around town

Developing positive financial habits equips students with 21st-century skills and tools that last a lifetime. We hope your organization enjoys providing these valuable learning opportunities to your community.

*These lessons, included for demonstration purposes, are only four of 48 activities for students and educators. For information on how to access and acquire the additional lessons, please contact